Making Fig Jam

IT WAS A BIG DAY! We harvested over 100 lbs of fresh figs and made fig jam. This 90 year old fig tree produced the majority of the figs. Walter drove a tractor with a trailer under the tree so we could stand on the trailer and get even the highest figs. He then taught... Continue Reading →

Our New Italian Home

For months Walter and I poured over dozens of travel articles looking for the best places to stay on our trip. We decided to spend the majority of our time doing Work Away. If you're not familiar with Work Away, it's a website which allows travelers connect with local families in other countries and work... Continue Reading →

Eating in Rome

For those who know me well, you wont be surprised to hear that the thing I most looked forward to when planning for Italy was the FOOD! Here's a nod to my favorite meals in Rome.Warning: Do not read when hungry!Cacio de pepe at Roma Sparita.HOLY COW. This is a traditional Roman dish of al... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Roma

Welcome to our magical weekend in Roma! Upon landing in Rome, we immediately got a little disoriented and what should have been a 30min train ride took closer to 3 hours! Luckily we finally found this castle, an important landmark given to us by Christina, our AirBnB host! Because we were very late to check-in... Continue Reading →

What Will Your Story Be?

This week during lunch with a friend, I was asked a question that really gave me pause. "When you return from Italy, what do you want your story to be?" With the chaos of packing up my apartment, moving everything to storage,  traveling on work trips, finding a home for my cat, wrapping up my... Continue Reading →

Here We Are

One year later. It’s been a big year with some major highs and lows. The highs felt like the rush when summiting that mountain you’ve always wanted to climb. The lows, well they were like getting lost with no map in a dense, dark forest, and then just wanting to give up. From these experiences... Continue Reading →

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