The Ocean and Seafood in Scario

On our day off from working, we caught a bus and went to Scario, a beach town about 15 mins away. It’s a funny place for us to be because it’s full of tourists, but only Italian tourists. Very little English is spoken here which was great for me to practice Italian.

2017-08-19 12.53.39.jpgWe strolled along the beach and ended up swimming at the far end of this cove. There was a man scuba diving with a long pole with a point on the end. He was spear fishing!

After the beach we found a great little lunch spot. Initially it felt overpriced and I was concerned it was a tourist trap, however it ended up being an fantastic meal.

2017-08-19 15.06.45.jpg

Alici Marinate at Incontro Crudito & Co.

First came the citrus marinated anchovies. I hated anchovies in the US, however in Italy I LOVE them! They are fresh, not too salty and these had an incredible marinade.

2017-08-19 15.06.53.jpg

Il Polpo at Incontro Crudito & Co.

Then came the octopus. This was Walter’s choice and I was skeptical to say the least. But with the first bite I was hooked! It was not chewy like the octopus I’ve tried in the US. Instead it was tender and extremely flavorful. The flavor reminded me a little of the spices we put in a shrimp boil in Louisiana! The octopus was surrounded by a delicious squash sauce with a dollop of creamy yogurt.

2017-08-19 15.24.57.jpg

Gnocchetti Freschi con Spada al Prufumo di Menta at Incontro Crudito & Co.

Lastly came the gnocchi with swordfish, clams and mint. These little homemade gnocchi nearly brought me to tears. Walter snuck the following picture of me sitting post-meal in pure bliss.

2017-08-19 15.51.10.jpg

By the time we finished the meal the only people left at the restaurant was the family who worked there. They sat at a nearby table drinking wine, smoking cigarettes and yelling/talking as the Italians do. I tried my hardest in Italian to let the mother of the family know how incredible the meal was. It seemed she understood my broken Italian and was genuinely pleased to hear how much we enjoyed it. My favorite moments so far have been these little exchanges where I attempt to speak Italian in hopes of making some sort of authentic connection. I also love all the little old Italian ladies.

Always, Mal.

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