Making Fig Jam


We harvested over 100 lbs of fresh figs and made fig jam.

2017-08-21 12.45.30.jpg

This 90 year old fig tree produced the majority of the figs. Walter drove a tractor with a trailer under the tree so we could stand on the trailer and get even the highest figs. He then taught me to drive the tractor. Going forward was much easier than reverse!


I hope to get more tractor practice in while here. There are SO MANY FIGS so we’ll likely harvest again next week.

After picking, we chopped and cooked in a pot for a couple hours to make jam. The figs are naturally very sweet so we only added a little sugar and then some lemon.

Can you tell we’re proud of our work? I only burned myself 3 times pulling the sterilized jars out of the oven. Luckily our host Sebastiano makes an essential oil from his St. Johns Wart plant that actually made the burn go away quickly!

Our jam will be sold at local stores and served to the B&B guests at breakfast next year (we’re currently eating the fig jam from 2016). Get ready Seattle, we’re now fig jam making machines!

Always, Mal



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